Has your bank refused your car loan application because of your bad credit history? Bring us into the picture.

A bad credit history never goes down well with a bank, especially when applying for a loan. Let this not dishearten or disappoint you, because hope is still on your side. At IntelliLend, we deploy our expertise in giving people with a bad credit history, another chance to finance their wishes of owning a car.

Right from initiating discussions to understanding your background, to conducting a fresh assessment of your loan application and putting together all the required documentation before presenting it to the lenders – we work along you through the process. Our experience and expertise lends an impeccable level of credibility to this process, and our consultants can find solutions to work around the bad credit history, to get your application approved and get you the car you want, whether it is for business or personal use.


Basics of a credit score, good or bad?

For some of you, who may be unaware of the possibility or existence of this minor roadblock, let us first understand what really is a bad credit history or a bad credit score. When any bank or lender is approached with a loan application, they first check your credit history and your credit score. Essentially, it is a reflection of your payment history with lenders and other creditors. However, technically, it is a number that represents all the information from your credit report taken at a point in time. Credit reports are generated by certain specialized agencies and are an important factor for lenders to decide your eligibility for loan, accountability of your loan amount and the rate at which it can be granted.

Once again, our experience in sync with our expertise in this sector helps us help you to have a realistic and achievable loan plan in hand. The first step in this process is to simply click here and from there, leave it to our expert consultants to contact you and get you a loan plan for you next car.

So, contact our experts and relax in knowing that a bad credit history may not be all bad news at Intellilend.




*Lenders terms & conditions apply. Intellilend will refer your application to the relevant lenders and all loans are subject to lender’s acceptance and approval.


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