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Personal Loan

 Personal Loans can assist you in living up to your dreams and enjoy the life filled with joys. There are points in your life when you need financial help to create opportunity for yourself and others. In times of economic downturn when there is nobody to give you the support and faith to get through these life challenges, we will standing right behind you. It can be anything e.g., a dream holiday, Furnishing your home or Upgrading to new technology.

There are few things a consumer needs when working on a major financial decision like a personal loans, fast cash loans or small loans. A consumer needs clarity, transparency and honesty where they can create a vision for the future that brings more hope into their lives. 

The benefits of our personal loan service include:

Flexible Loan Plans: 
Everyone wants a personal loan that suits their financial needs and provides them an opportunity to make life better. Intellilend contribute to your growth by helping our consumers understand their condition and what are they capable of acquiring as a financial assistance. We make sure that our consumers are able to pay the loans within the time frame given by the financial institution.

Security & Protection:
Lenders often ask for an asset as a security from the borrower to make sure they are able to recover the amount in case the borrower is unable to pay back the money. Mostly the asset is a property owned by the borrower like a residential plot, commercial or rural land. Borrowers can use their cars and equipment or the financial institution may view balance sheets to measure the value of your business. Intellilend will make sure by the borrower’s asset remains secure in case he/she is not able to make the payments at the right time.

Fast Approval:
We like to make the process of getting loans as convenient as possible for our consumers. Intellilend wants to give its consumers a hassle free service to build a relationship with the customers based on mutual respect. We respect a customer’s time and give them the respect they rightfully deserve. Our customer can fill up the loan application for their personal loan, business loan or home loan online to start a process a consultation with the company.  

Conditional loan approval could be received in minutes with just one phone call, or within 24 hours when you apply online or at the branch.
Competitive Interest Rates:
Many different factors make an interest rate competitive, and this normally depends on the kind of purchase you are doing.
i) Numbers
If the number is low, the interest rate is low, which commonly means you are going to pay less interest till the loan is paid off.

ii) Interest rates are compounded:
In some loan plans, interest rates are compounded on a daily, quarterly or annual basis. This may change the total amount you pay back, even if all factors you are considering are equal among the loan offers.

iii) Loan Terms:
Interest Rates are only part of the larger equation.

iv) Variable and fixed Rates
 Do you want a "fixed" or "variable" rate loan; it depends on your needs. 

v) Flexibility
It is may be much more beneficial for you to take a higher interest rate if the term of loan is longer. The higher rate of interest will make the loan more flexible. 

Why Intellilend

  • We provide you with the flexible loan plans and help you getting the right loan.
  • Conditional loan approval could be received in minutes with just one phone call, or within 24 hours when you apply online or at the branch.
  • Our experts help you choose the frequency of your repayments to suit your requirements.

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