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We bring you the power to make loan choices smarter, quicker and better than ever before. Intellilend offers a wide range of loan options for all your basic, lifestyle & business needs. It's intelligent lending with Intellilend.

We empower customers to make decisions

With a wide range of loan options to meet your lifestyle, personal or business needs,  IntelliLend gives you the power to make smarter loan choices, and to make them quicker than ever before. We call it intelligent lending.

Benefit from our experience

You will benefit from our years of experience in the finance industry and we know we can find the right loan to suit your individual requirements. Our experience ensures you get the right advice and the right loan plan.

Greater efficiencies

The choice of a wide range of loans to meet your home, personal or essential business needs. The expertise of an at-the-ready, in-house financial planning team. A one-stop shop for your entire loan, insurance and financial planning needs. Efficiency in every aspect, that’s intelligent lending.

Our network is your network

At IntelliLend we understand that our clients want the confidence that comes with dealing with stable and bona fide financial partners. We work with the leading banks to ensure you get the right loans choices from the best in the business.

We don’t compromise. Ever.

IntelliLend will not compromise on finding you the loan, the insurance package or the financial plan that is right for you. And we’ll do it faster and more intelligently than our competitors.

We partner with the best

At IntelliLend you will deal with only the best and most respected financial institutions across the country. With knowledge comes power and you will be empowered to make decisions that best suit your situation and needs, and those of your family.


Quick, smart and intelligent - the mark of a great performer. And also that of each of our loan and insurance services. At IntelliLend, performance is never compromised.

Exceptionally Quick Service

When opportunity knocks speed is of the essence and the same can be said of the demands of circumstance. Fortunately speed is our driving force, so you can be assured that when circumstances or opportunity demands a rapid response, IntelliLend will deliver.

In-house Financial Planners

IntelliLend aims to make the financial decision-making process as easy as possible for our customers. Our in-house team of financial planning experts means IntelliLend is a one-stop shop for all your financial needs. We can help you plan, review and select the finance and insurance options that are most suitable for you.

Diverse Loans

Regardless of whether your financial needs are personal, business or a combination of both, IntelliLend offer a diverse range of loan products, one of which is sure to suit you.