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Auto Financing - Truck Loan

It is not easy getting your truck financed or adding a truck to your established business. Getting Truck finance is difficult because when the lenders think that adding a truck to your suitable for your business is not required. The lender may think the business you are doing or intend to start is not financially feasible. This may create a complicate your plans for the future.

You may get your truck loan approved by the end of the day but on a very high interest rate which you will not be able to payback. The interest rate offered by lenders to borrowers with bad credit ratings is much higher as compared to the truck loans normally offered or approved in Australia. The level of risk involved in paying a higher interest rate for truck finance increases with each passing year. We at Intellilend can work this out for you with the lenders and get the deal settled at a rate that will make your financial situation more secure.
If you have a business that operates trucks to service your customers,

IntelliLend can help you stay on the road with the greater efficiencies of new vehicles. You can replace that old vehicle or grow your fleet with our smartly designed Truck Loans to give your business a lift like never before. We provide simpler procedures, less documentation and a quick turn-around - just what you need when you are busy running your business. 

Our professional staff at Intellilend has the expertise to find the best deal for your specific financial requirements. Our staff will use a practical approach to solve the complications linked to your truck loan application and arrange you with a variety of options to perfectly suit your financial situation. From established transport & logistic companies to a recently started business run by an individual we have the solution to answer your financial problem. 

Our professional team will get you all the information required to make the appropriate decision on the best way to possess a new truck.l Jade are provided by qualified credit brokers. They work with all the financial institutions and commercial finance providers to supplying your business with a hassle free great interest 

IntelliLend’s Truck Loan packages offer:

We are providing you with the best options of loan from the most difficult choices.  

We can simplify the complications so you can think clearly.

Intellilend will make your future more secure by showing you the right kind of advice.
Fast Approvals:
We will never keep you waiting for the approval.

Low Interest Rates:
Provide you with the cheapest interest rates in the market.

Why Intellilend

  • We provide you with the flexible loan plans and help you getting the right loan.
  • Conditional loan approval could be received in minutes with just one phone call, or within 24 hours when you apply online or at the branch.
  • Our experts help you choose the frequency of your repayments to suit your requirements.

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