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Home Loans

Every one of us lives with a dream of building and living in our own homes. People spend their whole life searching for the best home loan interest free rates to make this dream come true. We know it is the most difficult choice to make from the list of product and plans which all apparently look equitable. This is because most of these choices are made without comparing the different home loan rates available in the market.

There are number of questions in your mind when starting on this new phase of your life but before you pack your bags there are several questions you need to find answers for. 

How much can I borrow from the bank?
The buying capacity of a consumer is usually judged by the assets (properties, equipment, cars or other valuables), bank savings or credit cards, and annual income. So; make sure you are prepared with all these documents before you reach the lenders to ask for an initial evaluation. These are not the only method for lenders to evaluate your home loan application. You can compare different loan companies for loan plans to free your home from mortgage broker after mortgage repayment.  You can check mortgage value and mortgage insurance with mortgage repayment calculator.
Credit Score:
A low credit shows the bank it is not safe to lend you the amount then it becomes harder for the consumer to receive the home loan. A credit score is calculated by a collection of metrics like 
 i)    Payment history. 
        Maintain your credit score by timely payments to the lender.

ii)    Credit utilization. 
       This is the amount of credit you use versus the credit you have available. 

iii)     A history of paying balances and paying back home loans.          

iv)    Current Loans:
         The lenders will make sure that you have no other loans to be paid. 

V)     Down Payment Percentage
        Home buyers capable of depositing   20% or more as down payment at the beginning of the loan
        plan will have a better chance of receiving a home loan. 

How much deposit do I need to pay at the start of the financial plan?
It depends on the customer but the more you pay at the start of the plan, it will increase the chances of a loan approval from the lenders.

What costs and expenses the borrowers are involved with buying a home?
Many homebuyers are ignorant of the fact that there are many additional charges attached to the cost of buying the house. E.g., Legal fees, Stamp duty, Pest and building inspection, Loan application or establishment fee, Lenders mortgage insurance, Document preparation fee/legal charges, Bank valuation fee, Title insurance, Registration of title, Council and water rates, Legal searches and enquiries.

What we can do? 
At IntelliLend our experienced, in-house team of home loan experts can guide you to the bad credit home loans and most suitable home loan to turn your dream into reality. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure the process is quickly turned around and you receive the loan that is the best fit to your financial situation. With the help of our home loan comparisons we can find you the best home loan rates with cheapest current interest rates. We can advise you in picking up the best home loans with Competitive Interest Rates and Fast Approval Of Loan Plans. Our In-House Experts will guide through to various alternatives so that you can right decision for your home loans, business loans or personal insurance. Our team will find for the best possible mortgage deal with you the most Trusted Lending Options.

Why Intellilend

  • We provide you with the flexible loan plans and help you getting the right loan.
  • Conditional loan approval could be received in minutes with just one phone call, or within 24 hours when you apply online or at the branch.
  • Our experts help you choose the frequency of your repayments to suit your requirements.

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